Providence Canyon

Providence Canyon (2016) examines issues of race, class, and gender through various personal and historical interpretations of Providence Canyon State Park or “Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon.” The landscape - enormous gullies formed by erosion due to cotton production in the 1800s - becomes a lens through which to connect the nearby town’s dwindling population, slavery, land misuse, and the continuing economic depression of communities in the rural South.


Clip from Providence Canyon


Director: Erin Johnson
Editors: Matt Nelson and Erin Johnson
Assistant Camera: Patrick Elias
Production Assistant: Skylar Toth
Performers: Bria Belton, Eric Graise, Yunona Tabala
Featuring: Donna Sutton Clark, Willie Marie Porter, Mrs. Hudson, the entire Green Grove Missionary Baptist Church congregation, the Bedingfield Inn staff, Providence Canyon State Park staff