Data, Networks, and Time-Based Media: This course explores how the internet and our screen-centric lives change the way we relate to the world and each other. Students will create time-based media works that consider the emotional, social, political, and physical effects of new technologies, while addressing questions regarding privacy, artificial intelligence, and digital communities. Additionally, students will use information collected by mobile apps, GPS trackers, and more to challenge data culture through creative interventions that include animation, video, interaction design, sound, and other forms of digital expression.

Installation View, Hugo Hentoff, 2017

Installation View, Ben Eisenberg, 2017

Installation View, Ben Eisenberg, 2017

Art, Technology, and Design for Social Change: In this hands-on interdisciplinary course, you will explore the intersection of design, technological innovation, and art. Utilizing digital tools, computational methods, and design-thinking, you will create public art + design projects that engage communities and participate in cultural critique. Discussions, projects and readings will examine various aspects of social change including queer and feminist activist practices, new media theory, data as material, emerging data visualization forms, art for and from networks, critical design for community engagement, and artistic interventions in public spaces.

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Interactivity, Computation, and Media Architecture: The use of media architecture has become an increasingly common way to engage with our surroundings. This class explores how embedded computation affects the way that we experience the built environment. Students learn about how digital media is changing our notion of place and how we interact and learn about it. Through short and long-term projects, students learn how to design and prototype computationally-driven experiences which are embedded into architectural spaces.

Installation View, Laura Griffee

Installation View, Laura Griffee

Installation View, Laura Griffee

Installation View, Laura Griffee

Installation View, Sophie Washington

Installation View, Sophie Washington

Video, Sophie Washington

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Introduction to Digital Media: Students will learn to conceptualize, create, and distribute innovative, politically and socially engaged expression using contemporary media technologies, with a particular focus on video and sound art. Students will gain the techniques, tools, and basic skills necessary to work with these media, including recording, editing, and processing. In addition, students will learn about the history of video, sound, and new media art and the ways in which these inform and expand upon each other.

Sam Betts, 2018

Lily McVetty, 2018

Eliza Nitzan, 2017

Julia Maine, 2016

Sam Betts, 2018

Melissa Miura, 2018

Charlotte Youkilis, 2018

Site-Specifics + Socially-Engaged Media: Students will gain an understanding of how digital media technologies can serve as tools for creative cultural practice through the production of site-specific video, sound, and new media artworks. Site-visits, meetings with community experts, and collaboration with local organizations will contribute to the development of works that will be distributed and displayed through mobile devices, projection, installation and online platforms. Lectures, readings, and discussions will provide a historical overview of the intersection of site-specificity and community-based sound and video works. Students will develop technical skills in camerawork, lighting, audio recording, and editing, and be introduced to video and sound artists whose works investigate race, class, gender, sexuality, labor, and environmental politics.

Installation View, Anna Reyes, 2016

Installation View, Anna Reyes, 2016

Video, Anna Reyes, 2016

Installation View, Jeonguk Choi, 2018

Video, Jeonguk Choi, 2018

Kelsey Freeman, 2016

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Experimental Documentary

Sophie Malway, 2017

Ellery Harkness, 2018

Bri White-Ortiz, 2018

Additional Introduction to Digital Media samples:

Camille Farradas, 2017

Neoma Daniel, 2018

Ellery Harkness, 2018

Hugo Hentoff, 2017

Lauren Bostick, 2017

Lisa Mackenzie, 2016

Logan House, 2016

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